A workshop at the ACM CHI 2010 Conference.

Papers and Presentations

New Metrics I

Developing Qualitative Metrics for Visual Analytic Environments. (Jean Scholtz) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Many Roads Lead to Rome. Mapping Users’ Problem Solving Strategies. (Eva Mayr, Michael Smuc, Hanna Risku) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Proposed Working Memory Measures for Evaluating Information Visualization Tools. (Laura Matzen, Laura McNamara, Kerstan Cole, Alisa Bandlow, Courtney Dornburg, Travis Bauer) - Position Paper - Presentation/Notes

How is a graphic like pumpkin pie? A framework for analysis and critique of visualisations. (Hadley Wickham) - Position Paper - Presentation/Notes

Implications of Individual Differences on Evaluating Information Visualization Techniques. (Ji Soo Yi) - Presentation/Notes

New Metrics II

Exploring Information Visualization – Describing Different Interaction Patterns. (Sylvia Wiltner, Margit Pohl, Silvia Miksch, Markus Rester, Klaus Hinum, Christian Popow, Susanne Ohmann) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Towards Information-Theoretic Visualization Evaluation Measure: A Practical example for Bertin's Matrices. (Innar Liiv) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Insight evaluations

Is Your User Hunting or Gathering Insights? Identifying Insight Drivers Across Domains. (Michael Smuc, Eva Mayr, Hanna Risku) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Comparing Benchmark Task and Insight Evaluation Methods. (Chris North, Purvi Saraiya) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Task / Data

A Descriptive Model of Visual Scanning. (Stephane Conversy, Christophe Hurter, Stephane Chatty) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Generating a synthetic video dataset. (Mark Whiting) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Physiological measurements

Beyond system logging: human logging for evaluating information visualization. (Nathalie Henry-Riche) - Position Paper - Presentation/Notes

Scanning Between Graph Visualizations: An Eye Tracking Evaluation. (Joseph Goldberg, Jonathan Helfman) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Look Before You Link: Eye Tracking in Multiple Coordinated View Visualization. (Chris Weaver) - Position Paper - Presentation/Notes


Focus Groups for Functional InfoVis Prototype Evaluation: A Case Study. (Peter Kinnaird, Mario Romero) - Position Paper - Presentation/Notes

Mutually Linked Studies - Balancing Threats to Internal and Ecological Validity in InfoVis Evaluation. (Niklas Elmqvist) - Position Paper - Presentation/Notes

Learning-Based Evaluation of Visual Analytic Systems. (Chang) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Mass evaluations

Do Mechanical Turks Dream of Square Pie Charts? (Robert Kosara, Caroline Ziemkiewicz) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Visualization Evaluation of the Masses, by the Masses, and for the Masses. (Jeffrey Heer) - Position Paper - Presentation/Notes

Evaluation lessons

Evaluating Information Visualization in Large Companies: Challenges, Experiences and Recommendations. (Michael Sedlmair, Petra Isenberg, Dominikus Baur, Andreas Butz) - Research Paper - Presentation/Notes

Pragmatic Challenges in the Evaluation of Interactive Visualization Systems. (John Stasko, Youn-ah Kang, Carsten Gorg) - Position Paper - Presentation/Notes

Comparative Evaluation of Two Interface Tools in Performing Visual Analytics Tasks. (Dong Hyun Jeong, William Ribarsky, Tera Green, Remco Chang) - Position Paper - Presentation/Notes