What is BELIV?

The BELIV workshop series is a bi-annual event focusing on the challenges of evaluation in visualization. BELIV 2016 will be the sixth of the BELIV workshop series and will be held Oct 24, 2016, as a one-day workshop at IEEE VIS 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. All registered attendees of IEEE VIS will be able to attend the workshop.

BELIV's Motivation

Visualization has recently gained much relevance for its ability to cope with complex data analysis tasks and communication. While the overall use visualizations is accelerating, the growth of techniques for the evaluation of these systems has been slow. To understand these complex behaviors, evaluation efforts should be targeted at the component level, the system level, and the work environment level. The commonly used evaluation metrics such as task time completion and number of errors appear insufficient to quantify the quality of a visualization system; thus the name of the workshop: "beyond time and errors ...".


Taking feedback from our past participants, BELIV 2016 will continue to emphasize interactions between attendees so that participants can produce tangible outcomes during the workshop that will have impact on the visualization community at large. For the 2016 iteration we will again have a one-day workshop consisting of full paper presentation sessions each followed by audience led mini-panel discussions on novel evaluation methods for visualization. To support this, the presenters will be asked to each provide and briefly talk about open questions or discussion points to start this panel discussion. We also will have a keynote by Enrico Bertini, and a panel on the future of evaluation and BELIV. Check out the program for more details.