08:30-08:50 — Introduction

08:50-09:50 — Keynote
We Should Never Stop BELIVing: Reflections on 10 Years of Workshops on the Esoteric Art of Evaluating Information Visualization
Enrico Bertini

09:50-10:10 — BELIV 2016 Impact award

Strategies for Evaluating Information Visualization Tools: Multidimensional In-depth Long-term Case Studies (published in BELIV 2006)
Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant

BREAK 10:10 - 10:30

10:30-11:10 — Paper Session: Heuristics and Metrics
Session Chair: Michael Sedlmair

Information Visualization Heuristics in Practical Expert Evaluation
Heli Väätäjä, Jari Varsaluoma, Tomi Heimonen, Katariina Tiitinen, Jaakko Hakulinen, Markku Turunen, and Harri Nieminen

Evaluating Visualization Sets: Trade-offs Between Local Effectiveness and Global Consistency
Zening Qu and Jessica Hullman

Information Theoretic Measures for Visual Analytics: The Silver Ticket?
Laura McNamara, Travis Bauer, Laura Matzen, and Michael Haass

A Survey on Interaction Log Analysis for Evaluating Exploratory Visualizations
Omar ElTayeby and Wenwen Dou

11:10-11:45 — Paper Session: Models
Session Chair: Michael Sedlmair

Cognitive Stages in Visual Data Exploration
Adil Yalcin, Niklas Elmqvist, and Ben Bederson

Looking at the Representations in our Mind: Measuring Mental Models of Information Visualizations
Eva Mayr, Günther Schreder, Michael Smuc, and Florian Windhager

A NestedWorkflow Model for Visual Analytics Design and Validation
Paolo Federico, Albert Amor-Amoros, and Silvia Miksch

11:45-12:10 — Paper Session: Eye Tracking
Session Chair: Michael Sedlmair

Supporting Exploration of Eye Tracking Data: Identifying Changing Behavior Over Long Durations
Prithiviraj Muthumanickam, Camilla Forsell, Katerina Vrotsou, Jimmy Johansson, and Matthew Cooper

Measuring Cognitive Load using Eye Tracking Technology in Visual Computing
Johannes Zagermann, Ulrike Pfeil, and Harald Reiterer

LUNCH: 12:10 - 14:00

14:00-14:40 — Paper Session: Evaluation in the Development Cycle
Session Chair: Petra Isenberg

On Regulatory and Organizational Constraints in Visualization Design and Evaluation
Anamaria Crisan, Jennifer Gardy, and Tamara Munzner

Action Design Research and Visualization Design
Nina McCurdy, Jason Dykes, and Miriah Meyer

Evaluation of Visualization by Critiques
Richard Brath and Ebad Banissi

Using Concrete and Realistic Data in Evaluating Initial Visualization Designs
Soren Knudsen, Jeppe Gerner Pedersen, Thor Herdal, and Jakob Eg Larsen

14:40-15:10 — Paper Session: Reflections
Session Chair: Petra Isenberg

Why Evaluating Uncertainty Visualization is Error Prone
Jessica Hullman

Design Study Contributions Come in Different Guises: Seven Guiding Scenarios
Michael Sedlmair

An Empire Built On Sand: Reexamining What We Think We Know About Visualization
Robert Kosara

15:10-15:40 — Paper Session: New Directions in Evaluation
Session Chair: Petra Isenberg

Generative Data Models for Validation and Evaluation of Visualization Techniques
Christoph Schulz, Arlind Nocaj, Mennatallah El-Assady, Steffen Frey, Marcel Hlawatsch, Michael Hund, Grzegorz Karch, Rudolf Netzel, Christin Schätzle, Miriam Butt, Daniel Keim, Thomas Ertl, Ulrik Brandes, and Daniel Weiskopf

Evaluating Information Visualization on Mobile Devices: Gaps and Challenges in the Empirical Evaluation Design Space
Kerstin Blumenstein, Christina Niederer, Markus Wagner, Grischa Schmiedl, Alexander Rind, and Wolfgang Aigner

Beyond Usability and Performance: A Review of User Experienced-focused Evaluations in Visualization
Bahador Saket, Alex Endert, and John Stasko

BREAK: 15:40-16:15

16:15-17:30 — Panel
On the Future of Evaluation and BELIV
Panelists: Daniel Weisskopf, Laura McNamara, Mark Whiting, Niklas Elmqvist, Tamara Munzner.

17:30-17:50 — Closing Notes