Schedule (Oct 17th)

Session 1: Welcome, Keynote, Q&A (9:00 - 10:15 CDT)

Session Chair: Kyle Hall

9:00 - 9:15 Welcome
Kyle Hall

9:15 - 10:15 Keynote
Casey Fiesler — Data Is People: Research Ethics Beyond Human Subjects
Casey Fiesler

Everyone’s tweets, blog posts, photos, reviews, and dating profiles are all potentially being used for science. Though much of this research stems from social science and purposefully engages with the human aspects of online content, in many cases this human-created content simply becomes “data.” In these kinds of contexts—from facial recognition research trained on dating profile photos to algorithms that can predict mental health conditions from your tweets—traditional ethical oversight such as university Institutional Review Boards often does not apply. But what is the line between “data” and human subjects research? In this talk, I draw from empirical work to argue that the current ethical metrics that many researchers use to determine whether it is okay to collect or use online content are all wrong, particularly when it comes to the “publicness” of data or whether collection is allowed by Terms of Service agreements. I discuss findings from studies of user perceptions of researchers’ use of tweets, analysis of social media TOS, interviews with members of vulnerable online communities, and a literature review of papers that use Reddit data, all to consider the broader landscape of research ethics beyond human subjects. [More Info]

BREAK 10:15 - 10:45

Session 2: Paper Presentations + Break-out Sessions — Evaluation Methods & Extensions (10:45 - 12:00)

Session Chair: Michael Correll

10:45-11:00 Paper A Data-Centric Methodology and Task Taxonomy for Time-Stamped Event Sequences
Yasara Peiris, Clara-Maria Barth, Elaine M. Huang, Jürgen Bernard

11:00-11:15 Paper Creative Visualisation Opportunities Workshops: A Case Study in Population Health
Mai Elshehaly, Kuldeep Sohal, Tom Lawton, Maria Bryant, Mark Mon-Williams

11:30-11:45 Paper How Do We Measure Trust in Visual Data Communication?
Hamza Elhamdadi, Aimen Gaba, Yea-Seul Kim, Cindy Xiong

11:30-11:45 Paper How Personality and Visual Channels Affect Insight Generation
Tomás Alves, Carlota Dias, Daniel Gonçalves, Joana Henriques-Calado, Sandra Gama
11:45-12:00 Paper Evaluating Situated Visualization with Eye Tracking
Kuno Kurzhals, Michael Becher, Nelusa Pathmanathan, Guido Reina

BREAK 12:00-14:00

Session 3: Paper Presentations + Break-out Sessions — Evaluation Methods & Extensions (14:00 - 15:15)

Session Chair: Miriah Meyer

14:15-14:30 Paper Research Data Curation in Visualization
Dimitar Garkov, Christoph Müller, Matthias Braun, Daniel Weiskopf, Falk Schreiber

14:30-14:45 Paper An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Evaluation and Experimental Design for Visual Text Analytics
Kostiantyn Kucher, Nicole Sultanum, Angel Daza, Vasiliki Simaki, Maria Skeppstedt, Barbara Plank, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Narges Mahyar

15:00-15:15 Paper Power Overwhelming: Quantifying the Energy Cost of Visualisation
Christoph Müller, Moritz Heinemann, Daniel Weiskopf, Thomas Ertl

BREAK 15:15-15:45

Session 4: Breakout Sessions — Provocations (15:45-17:00)

Session Chair: Matt Kay

15:45-16:45 Breakout Sessions
16:45-17:00 Closing